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The Real Reason Why Toronto Rooftop “Lavelle” Was Closed For Two Months

By: Prisha Dev

Most of us from Toronto all know Lavelle, a popular rooftop and patio bar. Sitting 16 floors above club 44, Lavelle has made its mark in the nightlife scene. However, some may have realized that the venue went off-grid for the past few months. There have been many speculations on what happened, especially since this spot is such a prominent place for nightlife in Toronto.


The real truth is that this rooftop has three pools… and the main one (which also happens to be one of the biggest outdoor rooftop pools in Toronto) flooded into the pool room. Three inches of water seeped into the elevator shafts and the downstairs level after one of the pipe joints came undone. The venue closed after this incident for repairs which cost over 2 million dollars in damages!

Condominium floods are actually more common than most would think. Only a few years ago, the Shangri La hotel had a similar situation where their pool flooded, ruining the elevator, leaving residents and guests to walk up fifty flights of stairs until the situation was resolved.

Thankfully, all is back to normal function and the venue has opened its doors once again. It is also safe to note that one of their pools will remain open all year long, boasting the first indoor swimming pool concept for a restaurant in Toronto.

The revamp also comes with a new vibe, “tropic like its hot”, with a year-long summer approach. Even with the upcoming fall/winter weather, you can hope to see interesting resort-styled cocktails like the “espresso jamaica-tini”, and new foods like the “steak tartare tacos”.

Bottle service and cabana packages will also be available throughout the fall and winter seasons for events, parties, and other special occasions!


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