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‘We made a mistake’: Nightclub apologizes after charging customers for anti-spiking drink covers

nightclub has admitted it made a mistake after charging customers for drink covers that help prevent spiking.

Pryzm, was criticized after it emerged the venue was asking revellers to cough up 50 cents per plastic lid following a spate of spiking reports across the country.


However, the venue has apologized for the “mistake” and is now offering the protective covers for free.

Nightclubs Popworld, Walkabout, Be At One, Story, Metros, Mary’s and Revolution are all offering drink covers for free.

Pulse is said to be trialing them and does not intend to charge, while The Moon bar has reportedly experienced supply issues but also plans on providing free covers.

Thousands of young people boycotted nightclubs across the country last month and took to the streets in protest following worrying reports of women being spiked by injection.

Spiking injections, also known as needle spiking, take place when an unsuspecting person is injected with drugs using a needle. While drink spiking – deliberately adding alcohol or drugs to someone’s beverage without their knowledge – has been reported as far back as 1903.

Many nightclubs and bars have ramped up security measures in a bid to keep customers safe.

Pryzm said its staff were “fully trained” on spiking and the nightclub has a number of security measures in place.

Searches are carried out on entry, which have been ramped up in recent weeks, and security staff wear bodycams.

The venue also has a qualified first aider on site, a quiet room and free phone charging, and says it would never ask anyone to leave on their own.

A Pryzm spokeswoman said: “Keeping our guests safe is our number one priority. We’ve listened to our guests and accept we made a mistake and are not charging for drink spiking devices.”

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