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TNC Exclusive: The Secret World of Paid To Party Girls

We’ve all wondered.  How is it that some clubs have groups of 5 or more gorgeous women all dressed up and looking like they should be on the cover of Vogue magazine, while others have all the guys fighting over the 1 hot girl that happened to walk into a club by mistake.  There’s an entire nightclub industry hidden from public view yet operating in conjunction with the promoters, dj’s and bar staff to make sure you have a memorable night out.  This is the world of the Paid to Party Girl.


Now before you go criticizing it and saying, “Wow, those clubs must be hurting to have to pay hot girls to go there”, you are absolutely missing the big picture.  Sure there are advantages to having hot girls show up in pictures on websites like or Vice every week to encourage people to go there the following week.  But we decided to dig deep into it and found this is not the reason this industry is striving.  Our investigation and interviews with people in the club industry like nightclub managers, owners, and paid to party girls themselves yielded some inside info that we decided to shine a light on and share with you.


From a club owners perspective, this is much like hiring a big dj.  You’re making sure your customers are getting what they need to make sure they had a great night and the money they decided to spend on you was well spent at the end of the day.  Nick Regina, partner at Bloke and Same in Toronto. “Adjusting our sails to change the direction we have to move in is what comes to mind when thinking of “promotion models” being paid and used in a nightlife program that takes place in toronto nightclubs.  It’s a “layer” which adds value in regards to up selling and image. If utilized properly it can be extremely effective and worth every dollar spent but like everything else it needs to be monitored and the work load needs to be delegated properly. I feel as if it is a must these days but at the same time there are many other layers that add to making an all around rock solid nightlife program.”.  Another club owner who wished to remain anonymous told us, “You can spend $10,000 on a dj and make a certain segment of a club crowd happy and bring them into the club and spend $40 at the door.  You can also spend $5000 on 50 promo models in one night and make sure the 5-10 booths you have bottle service booked at are seeing some great eye candy and having girls flirt with them all night.  These guys spend thousands on each booth you’re damn right I’m going to make sure they will wake up the next day and say, ‘damn that was money well spent, what a night!.’  There were a few club owners we spoke to that refused to play the Paid To Party game though.  One of them told us that for the $500 he’d spend a 5 girls to stand around he’d rather pay a promoter to bring 100-200 people.  “It’s nuts what these guys are paying for that.  You get one group of girls show up and theres your paid to party girls.  Why pay a group of 5 girls to come when there are many groups of 5 girls in the club already.  Take the 500 per night and spend it on a team to bring you people.”


We also interviewed Paid To Party girls themselves and asked them what it was like to actually be paid to go out and get free drinks in a nightclub.  One PTP girl named Stephanie said “I love my job, I love the people I get to interact with and I always get to work with such creative individuals. I also like the fast-pace work environment. My most memorable story is the night club awards, the last time they where at C-Lounge (now called The Addisons) and just feeling like everyone was one big dysfunctional family.”  From her perspective, it wasn’t all glamorous and good times though.  She told us how difficult it was to move up into a management position, that clubs shut down all the time, and owners change employees constantly.  She wished there was more consistency that way.  One other PTP girl told us that some guys think they’re hookers and want to pay them to have sex with them.  “It happens every night.  You just get used to it.”  And if you think all they have to do is stand around and look pretty, maybe the cheaper ones do that.  But the more expensive paid to party girls seem to be worth it.  Based on our interviews, it seems the established companies have girls who understand the big picture. “You ask yourself, why is this club hiring me to be here?  Clearly they want us to make sure the guys are  feeling like they’re hot so we flirt with as many as we can and its just natural that a guy offers us drinks so we take them.  If the club makes more money because of us, then they’ll keep hiring us.  We’re all in this together.  I wouldn’t feel right just taking the club owners money and just do nothing as if I was out with my friends at the bar.  Its work in my eyes so I do my part for him”.  However, not all girls are this thoughtful.  The owner of one of the city’s top paid to party companies told us “Im not a promoter, some of these owners want me to post on facebook that I’m going to be there and push it all week.  Sorry, but Im just paid to stand there and look hot for them and make their club look good.  Im not a promoter.  At most I’ll post a pic during the night and say I’m there.  But even that is not guaranteed and up to my discretion.”  With the amount of PTP Companies out there now club owners should weigh all the factors when it comes to finding the right one for their club.  Be it looks, or a combination of paid to party and promoting, you should be able to justify the $60-$150 per girl you’re spending.

Are the hottest girls you see at a club being paid to be there?  Maybe, maybe not.  But if they are being paid to party, theres a good chance its worth it for everyone involved.

See you on the dancefloor!

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