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TIFF Last Call 4AM Parties in Toronto

Mademoiselle Raw Bar and Grill

This address always been home to late-night activities (it was a strip club in it’s previous life, after all) so it’s seen its share of early morning last calls. But since the space was taken over by Peter Girges and crew, it’s now a restaurant that serves things like caviar and seafood spreads under a glitzy canopy of chandeliers and twinkling lights. It’s become a spot for seminars and TIFF panels during the day, but at night the debaucherous energy remains.

Early Mercy

Early Mercy is the king of the late last call. Whatever the excuse—a big football game, civic holidays, a Saturday—they have a 4 a.m. last call for that. And TIFF is no different, so expect the club-set staple to be open late until the festival leaves town.


This Queen West lounge boasts Tulum tidings in an airy space complete with a patio and vacation-inspired drinks. Deadline’s TIFF studio lives here during the day (click here to watch Jessica Chastain sip a latte with her face on it) but when evening hits, Soluna’s newly signature soirées take over with light and fire dancers, smoke machines and party-on-the-playa energy.

Mister C

The Bisha Hotel’s lobby bar is a revolving door of hubbub during the festival, from pre-parties to after-parties to attendees stopping in for a quick drink and a bite. Who’s surprised? The space is suave, decked out in marble and jewel tones, and home to a stellar list of cocktails perfect for post-screening sips.


There’s been quite the collective of celebs spotted at Marbl over the last few days—Anna Kendrick, Natalie Portman and Joe Jonas among them. During the day, it hosts panels of directors, filmmakers and actors. At night, the restaurant turns up the volume a little, turns out the drinks quicker and acts as an overall well-heeled place to see and be seen.


What was once the Everleigh is now a similarly high-energy, low-lit club for dancing, drinking and general nighttime revelry. What to expect: loud beats, black lights and bottle girls.


This Queen West dance party boasts a rotating cast of DJs—as well as the obligatory black lighting and bottle service. Think less celebrity spotting, more a great place to get down until dawn while the option is still on the table.

  •  Kate Dingwall

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