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Real Estate Agent By Day, Nightclub Promoter at Night.

Corrado Arrangio is founder of Just Entertainment and as if being a nightclub promoter doesnt take up all your time during the week, he finds time to also be a successful Real Estate Agent as well.

What made you choose Real estate as the next chapter in your life? Was it a
matter of seeing what you can do with all the personal relationships you’ve built
throughout the years?


I wouldn’t consider this the next chapter in my life, but rather complimenting the business I have established in the nightlife industry. I have developed many strong relationships with my clientele over the past 12+ years and many of those customers have now reached a stage in their life where buying a home is one of their top priorities.

Is it hard to juggle both promoting and your real estate commitments throughout
the week?

Whenever adding another business aspect to your life, it can be quite hectic in the beginning. The first few months i found my work days getting much longer and sleeping quite a bit less. Although, with the team I have working with me at Just Entertainment and the systems I have developed for effectively marketing nightclubs over the years, it has made it easier for me to focus my attention on my real estate clients as well as my loyal repeat costumers in the nightlife world.

How do you feel club promoting has helped your career as a real estate agent?

I find that in nightclub promotion, the customers put a lot of trust in the promoter they choose. Most often, people go out for a special occasion such as a birthday, bachelorette, graduation, etc. The night needs to be completely perfect and the happiness of the client is in the hands of the promoter. I make every effort to ensure that the nights out for my clientele are flawless. My regular customers know my attention to detail and the goal is for them to see a friendly face in the real estate world that they know they can rely on.

Is there anyone in particular that has helped you get to the level you are in club promoting today?

Over the past 5 years I have been working very closely with Ink Entertainment and their team. Anyone who knows the industry knows that Charles absolutely dominates the market with a large portfolio of the biggest and most in demand nightclubs in the city. Some of my largest events such as DIABLO Halloween Ball, Eurofest, and Genesis NYE have taken place inside their venues. The director of venue operations for Ink, Orin Bristol is the best in the city when it comes to making sure an event is run flawlessly. I seek out his advice in terms of how to handle such large crowds and ensure everyone is having a good time. If it weren’t for Orin, and his incredible knowledge in nightlife operations, my largest events would have never been a success. Nobody in the city can staff a venue, process people through the door, and organize logistics as well as he can. Every time I do an event at one of the Ink venues, I learn so much from him and will forever be grateful for that.

How can people get ahold of you if they want to go out this weekend or if they
want to buy a condo? Where are you promoting every week?

So my weekly events are currently Wednesday nights at Bloke, Fridays at Cube, and Saturdays at Uniun. Also, we produce a number of special events which you can stay up to date with on the Just Entertainment facebook page. The best way for anyone to get a hold of me regarding nightlife or real estate, is via my cell phone (416) 262-0897.

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