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Calling All Models- Every Thursday at Lobby Bar

Hooman Zahedi - Mick.6ix

Written By: Prisha Dev

The lit and lively Lobby Bar has partnered up with Jaimeboy Ent. to host a ” Fashion Rendevous” every Thursday.


This runway workshop will run from 9 pm till late, every week, to unite upcoming models in Toronto. This initiative is a chance to bring models and creators together in the fashion industry.

Everyone who attends will have a chance to network, seek expert advice and improve their runway walks.

As the night unfolds, guests can learn proper runway techniques with industry experts, and build portfolio content and most importantly, network and party! The events even offer professional photoshoots from Hooman Zahedi, the lead photographer. He is well-known in the industry for his amazing work and has taken part as the art director for the events.

This initiative even includes appearances from well-known designers, like Kyle Gervacy, who also offer their own expertise.

JaimeBoy, founder of the events, says this motive was to encourage more people in the creative industry to pursue their passions.

“Toronto is an amazing place to put yourself out there. I and my team have put something special together for all models who want to further their career” said Jaime.

Jaime’s team is always looking for creatives and talent to join their events. If you feel this is something you would love to participate in, follow and send a message to @jaimeboy_ent on Instagram and someone from the team will respond with details.

The modelling coaching event will be happening at Lobby Bar for the summer season, located at 1032 Queen St.W, in Toronto. Although there is no end date to the current partnership, there will be an update if/when the venue changes.



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