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Why did you become a server?

I came back from moving abroad and needed a new start. My dear close friend said they needed girls to work bottle service as a couple girls had left.


What made you want to work at the bar at which you’re currently serving?


Many of the staff that work at the club I work in now were with me when I started first in the industry and it feels nostalgic to work with them again.


What is your favourite part of the job?

My fav part of the job is the re-visiting regulars that you developed a relationship that are always so happy to see you and will support you and befriend you for years to come!

What’s popular right now in the mixing glass or shaker for your customers?

Casamigos reposado is by far the most common order!


What are you sipping on and why?

Claze azul…. I can’t get over how smooth and subtle sweetness it is. Easiest to sip on.


What are you dancing to while tending bar?

As a fellow Latina I’m definitely breaking it down with some reggaeton or dembow music. 🙌


What are some quirks/quotes you are known for?

I’m kinda known for being the wild girl. When I’m not working at the clubs I’m out being adventurous, catching wild animals, riding motorcycles, shootings guns you name it.


Whats the most memorable thing to happen to you while at work?

One of the most memorable shifts is when we had a celebrity guest named KIRILL The slut whisperer and his guests that he attracted wanted to be degraded and have milk and champagne baths in which was very entertaining to watch and we had so many people in the club we literally couldn’t walk.

Server Of The Month is a feature on where we profile some of your favorite servers throughout southern Ontario.  If you know anyone that deserves some recognition, message us!

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