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Interview: Frank Nyilas, Ever After Music Festival

Last Year, at Ever After’s Inaugural Event, I attended both days and even though it was a miserable weekend of cold temperatures and rain, the turnout was pretty exceptional and it laid out the season for what the other festivals in Ontario were to expect weather wise. The experience opened our eyes in more ways than one, showing us a music festival didn’t have to be one dimensional and could involve a complete weekend of activities.

EverAfter Music Festival will be back at Bingemans Park in Kitchener on June 3,4 and 5th, 2016 — featuring headliners Skrillex, ZEDD, Adventure Club, /dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Flux Pavillion, Jauz and manymore — the festival’s 2nd year should be a huge step above its first. 3 to 4 times the attendance is anticipated Frank Nyilas (aka Frank Everafter on fb) is the founder and one of the main people behind the curtain that’s been making it all happen since the festival began, and we’ve scored an exclusive interview with him this week. Our questions, his answers, below.


At what point during the year do you start working on assembling the line-up — a month or so after the festival ends? What are the biggest challenges you face each year?

Trying to forecast who will be the best DJs to choose.

The Lineup last year was very diverse — How do audiences react to such diverse bills?

It was more trap oriented last year which seems to have been gaining huge popularity. This year we are a little more bass oriented. Being diverse keeps more people happy than limiting to one genre.  We really like to consider what our fans like and want to see, we have teams spending hours and hours tracking what people are asking for and we try and accommodate the greatest number of people with the selection of talent. The talent selection also greatly reflects the team’s personal likes and dislikes, our team is comprised of music loving fans and as such greatly reflects the views of the general genre fan base.

That said, Ever After seems like it’s been leaning towards mainstream / more popular EDM acts. Was this is a conscious decision?

We try to use a bit of both mainstream and also who we think will blow up that year. Last year we saw Diplo, DJ Snake, Flosstradamus, Tchami, Rezz and more explode in popularity and they were the perfect choice for us. This year we found the number one most requested DJ in the world was Skrillex hands down. So we did what ever we had to do to get him. This year will be crazy!


When the festival finally arrives do you just kick back, relax and watch the DJs/bands or is there still work to be done?

There is always work to be done and obstacles to tackle. But, I try to enjoy it as much as I can considering it took a year to put together.

Tell us about the worst experience you’ve ever had at Ever After (i.e. a dj cancelled last minute, didn’t arrive, had ego problems, etc).

THE WEATHER. lol. Even during set up the week was beautiful with 25 degree days, but one crazy windy day picked up one of the side stages before it was secured and it rose 10 ft in the air and fell busting it apart. We had trouble finding a substitute. Even though Ever After could have closed each day and took the insurance money we decided to stay open and give the fans a show. Over 25,000 people came out last year. This year should triple or quadruple that.

Do you look to other Canadian festivals for inspiration, musically or otherwise?

We will look but we are tying to be different. Give people more of an experience with many other things they can do at the festival.

What percentage of Ever After’s income comes from ticket sales vs. concessions or other income streams?

80% is from ticket sales.

What would you say are some of the defining characteristics of the Ever After Music festival that sets it apart from all other festivals?

This year’s event places emphasis on the experience that is Ever After, an experience highlighted by a visual and audio spectacle emanating from a theatrical stage design unique to Ever After and it’s fantasy theme. Complementing the “experience” is the region’s biggest waterpark, boasting multiple water slides and an enormous wave pool. In keeping with a fantasy playground the festival goers will have the opportunity to experience a full midway and carnival feature area and a games wonderland second to none. Ever after will leave festival goers with memories that will be embedded in their minds and souls for a lifetime!

Anything else you want to let people know, we’re less than a month away!

Now hiring Bartenders, Bottle Service, VIP hosts, Dancers, Circus Performers and more. Tier 2 is 75% sold. Get your tickets asap. Still available at the unbelievably low price of $160 for all 3 days with full access to the Water park and Amusement park. Also Book your VIP booth now. Great deals for a limited time.

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