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Inside a Popular Abandoned Nightclub Where a ‘Seedy’ Discovery Was Made.

An urban explorer made a seedy discovery while venturing into an abandoned nightclub.

The adventurer, who goes by the name Bearded Reality, recently made his way into Mode nightclub in Bradford.

The popular venue, which playing everything from house music to heavy metal, closed in 2011.

Also known as Gasworks and once as Bar:Me, the sprawling multi-level club fell into disrepair after it closed before a huge fire in 2015 gutted much of the interior.

Firefighters rescued a homeless person from the blaze, which investigators concluded was ignited deliberately.

The fire did not destroy everything inside however.

When he went inside Bearded Reality found sleeping bags and needles discarded in the dilapidated venue.

As he ventured deep into the lower levels of the nightclub he made a further, more surprising discovery.

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Bearded Reality found what he described as a “seedy” room with a sofa and a drinks fridge facing a two-way mirror.

In a  video recording  of the explore, Bearded Reality said: “Is this what I think it is? Where you watch somebody through a dodgy mirror.

“They must have had dancers here.”

He also found showers, two large, empty safes and a beer cellar that still had kegs and crates of bottles stored there.

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Broken wooden beams can be seen tumbling out of the ceiling, while a large area has had its floor ripped up and the ground underneath strewn with dirt.

The outside of the safe is dripping with filth.

-Ben Abbiss

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