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Why did you become a server?

– My mom has always worked in hospitality so I grew up helping out in kitchens baking or cleaning. Serving came very naturally to me so it seemed like the best choice when I was looking for my first job as a young adult.

What made you want to work at the bar at which you’re currently serving?

– I began working at Cabana because I wanted to spend my summers outside and on the water, and once I grew to enjoy working with our incredible team, I knew I wanted to work at Rebel as well.

What is your favourite part of the job?

– The people that I work alongside at Rebel make all the difference. Everyone is very professional and kind, so coming into work is a very positive experience. I’ve never worked with such a great group of people.

What’s the most popular bottle right now for your customers?

– I’d say any flavored Ciroc is the most popular. It’s a crowd pleaser because it’s easy to shoot and tastes good with soda.

What are you sipping on and why?

– Currently sipping on a hot green tea haha but if I am out I like to sip on a chilled good quality tequila or a paloma. Tequila is my drink of choice because of its taste and lack of sugar fueled hangovers.

What are you dancing to while partying with your customers?

– I like Dance/electronic music with a good melody. This works out for me because we host a lot of great DJ’s that are known for this genre. Taking a moment once in a while to enjoy the music and experience with my customers makes the night that much more personal.

What are some quirks/quotes you are known for?

– I guess you’d have to ask my customers or coworkers but if I’d have to pick I’d say my OCD need to keep my tables clean. I definitely have that people pleasing bone in my body, so hopefully I am known for that.

Whats the most memorable thing to happen to you while at work?

– This is a hard one because every night is memorable for different reasons but if I’d have to pick one I’d say the night that a customer ordered our most expensive champagne show. It’s always exciting to put on an extravagant parade to honor someone’s celebration and the commission doesn’t hurt either.

Server Of The Month is a feature on where we profile some of your favorite servers throughout southern Ontario.  If you know anyone that deserves some recognition, message us!

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