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What made you want to become a bartender?

As a frequent club-goer, I’ve always been drawn to the atmosphere of bars and restaurants. The energy of the crowd and the opportunity to meet new people are definitely two perks that influenced my decision to pursue a career within the hospitality industry.

What made you want to work at the bar at which you’re currently bartending?

I’m very fortunate to have landed a position at the nightclubs where I was once a customer. Every time I came in with friends, I had such a good time and could only imagine the fun I’d have if I were an employee. When I was offered a job, I couldn’t refuse!

What are some fun flavours you’re working with?

In light of the holiday spirit and endless Christmas parties, I’ve been mixing up various cocktails associated with festive treats and dishes. Flavours such as candy cane, gingerbread, and pumpkin pie are favourites around this time of year.

What are some of the unique spirits and ingredients you’re playing with?

For me, the presentation of a drink is equally as important as the flavour. When it comes to festive drinks, nothing complements a cocktail like a glass rimmed with melted Hershey chocolate and crushed graham cracker. By guiding a toothpick through a dash of bitters on a frothy drink, you can also customize the cocktail with different designs, such as the first letter of a name.

What do you feel is the next hot trend in mixology?

As social media continues to flourish, I anticipate a rise in overall cocktail presentations. People are drawn to visually appealing drinks so in order for mixologists to stand out, creative garnishes, such as incorporating fire and earthy ingredients, will help separate a novice from a pro.

What’s popular right now in the mixing glass for your customers?

Our clientele are all about the classics. We combine quality spirits and fresh ingredients to serve the well-known favourites, such as gin and vodka martinis and manhattans.

What are you sipping on and why?

I’m a tequila fan and right now my go-to is Maestro Dobel Diamante. It has a smooth flavour and I enjoy it on the rocks with a lemon twist.

What are you dancing to when you are on the bar and why?

I’m versatile; I like dancing to whatever is playing but if I had to pick a genre, it’d be anything Hip Hop or R&B. Popular songs with catchy lyrics and uplifting beats always keep me, and the crowd, moving.

What are some quirks/ quotes you are known for?

Besides being known for always laughing and dancing, I would say most of my co-workers refer to me as “the club’s seamstress.” For each event, I enjoy creating fun outfits and jewellery for all of the girls to match the theme of the night.

What’s the most memorable thing to happen to you while at work?

It may sound cliché, but the friendships I’ve made since working in the industry have been the highlight of my career. Many of my co-workers have turned into family, which has made my job easy and a lot more enjoyable. Without them, I may not have had the training and confidence to be chosen as Toronto Nightclub Bartender of the Month. I never thought I’d have an opportunity like this; it’s very flattering and has made me even more excited about my career and what’s to come!

A famous billionaire once said, “Don’t trust a brilliant ideal, unless it survives the hangover.” What’s your beer mantra?

“Everything’s better with beer.”

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