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A New Sex Toy is Being Made Specifically for Nightclubs.

Remoji, pioneer sex toy app, is making strides to change the way couples view adventurous sex.

With new app technology, PicoBong is working to create a remote control sex toy experience where couples can control one another’s pleasure enhancers directly from their phones. What’s more, the target audience for these toys are clubbers, and the app is being marketed for public use: “give your partner a thrill, anytime, anywhere!”


These Bluetooth-enabled vibrating toys can be synced to six different music genres, including hip-hop, EDM, House, R&B, techno, and dubstep, and are covert enough to use for play in even pool bars like ink’s Cabana.

The variety of proto-toys available includes the Surfer remote plug, Life Guard remote ring, and the Blow Hole remote M-cup. The products are set to launch this may.

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