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8 Rules to Follow to Stay Safe on a Night Out Ladies

Dear Younger Ladies!!!!

So I need to breakdown the “Friend Code” for some of you, because clearly there’s too many girls going missing or getting killed.
This is how we “Old Schoolers” roll.


•Code 1: ” We leave together… We stay together….We come back together. NO you not leaving with some RANDOM dude & NO I’m not leaving you at the party by yourself!

• Code 2 ” Both of us can’t be sh*t face drunk (neither of you should) , at least one person needs to be alert & aware of our surroundings!

•Code 3 ” If you got to go to the bathroom or outside .” WE ALL GOING TO THE DAMN BATHROOM AND OUTSIDE!!” Period!

•Code 4 ” We don’t accept drinks from strangers unless we’re at the bar and watch the bartender pour”.

• Code 5 ” if I feel like you too drunk to function , we leaving the party early”. (We’ll fuss about you messing up the night later)

• Code 6 ” if you just so happen to go missing. I will give you a maximum 15-30 mins to show up before I Shut the place down and we ALL are going to be looking for your ass!!! FOR REAL!!!
Everybody else can call the police cause I ain’t going home without you!

• Code 7 “If you’re fighting it better be one on one, otherwise we all fighting” (Hopefully this ain’t jumpin off cause we too classy and ladies)

• Code 8 and the golden rule, “The drop off person check in or everyone who drove checks in when getting home” If we don’t hear from you, we coming to ya house


Because these generations got the Friend Code messed up! ! This is how we were raised… #oldschool

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