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22nd Annual Toronto Nightclub Awards: A Night of Glitz, Glamour, and Peter Bombs

Toronto, ON – December 18, 2023

In a dazzling celebration of Toronto’s vibrant nightlife scene, the 22nd Annual Toronto Nightclub Awards took place last night at the illustrious Silent H. Sponsored by Dusse and hosted by Tony Monaco, the event brought together the who’s who of the hospitality industry for a night of revelry, recognition, and, of course, unforgettable moments.


The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Best Owner award, a prestigious honor that went to none other than Peter Girges. Known for his exceptional contributions to the nightlife landscape with Mademoiselle and Marbl, Girges not only walked away with the coveted trophy but also treated the entire venue to a round of his signature concoction, aptly named ‘Peter Bombs.’ The crowd erupted in cheers as the golden elixirs flowed, marking a memorable moment in the history of the Toronto Nightclub Awards.

Silent H, the chosen venue for the night, clinched the coveted Best New Venue award.  Best Venue went to 44, the sleek and sophisticated space has become a staple in the Toronto nightlife scene, hosting some of the city’s most exclusive events and gatherings. The award was a testament to 44’s commitment to excellence and its undeniable impact on the local entertainment landscape.

Acknowledging the behind-the-scenes players who make Toronto’s nightlife thrive, the awards ceremony also crowned Matt Mogul as the Promoter of the Year. Mogul’s knack for curating unforgettable experiences and bringing together diverse crowds was celebrated by peers and partygoers alike.

Kostya, a charismatic figure in the nightlife scene, earned the title of Best Manager. With a magnetic personality and a talent for creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, Kostya stood out among the nominees, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The Best Supper Club award went to Mademoiselle, an establishment that has redefined the dining and entertainment experience in the city. From exquisite cuisine to a vibrant atmosphere, Mademoiselle continues to set the standard for supper clubs in Toronto.

Taking the title for Best GTA venue was NUVO, a nightclub located near the York University Campus outside the core of the city that deserved to be recognized for showing that you dont need to be located in downtown Toronto to be successful.

Another special moment was when Julian Parentela presented his father, Carlo Parentela with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  It was truly an honour to acknowledge him for what he has brought to the GTA over the years.

Cabana, known for its picturesque setting and lively ambiance, claimed the title of Best Patio. As the city’s go-to destination for al fresco fun, Cabana’s win was a nod to its commitment to providing an exceptional outdoor experience.

Winning his 5th straight title, 3 for Best New Generation Promoter and Back to Back Best Host, Deshae Maitland of Dynasty Events celebrated with the largest group of supporters at the event producing the loudest cheer when he was announced the winner.

For a comprehensive list of winners across various categories, enthusiasts and industry insiders can refer to the complete list below. The 22nd Annual Toronto Nightclub Awards not only celebrated excellence in the nightlife scene but also served as a reminder of the city’s dynamic and ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Complete List of Winners:

Best Nightlife Photographer Chris Reign

Best MC Breezy

Best Radio Personality Ricochet

Best Marketing Manager Mike Henry

Best Club DJ DJ Wikked


Best Bartender Grace Kim

Best Server Alexandra Katina

Party of The Year 50 Cent at 44

Best Nightlife Entertainment  Medusa Ent.

Best Weekly Party  SUNDAYS AT 44

Security Of The Year Cassius (Soluna)

Best Gogo Dancers  TopNotch Entertainment


Best New Generation Promoter Mosy

Latin Promoter Of The Year GUSTO

Best Patio CABANA

Best GTA Venue Nuvo

Best Supper Club Mademoiselle


Club Owner Of The Year Peter Girges

Manager Of The Year  Kostya (44)

Promoter Of The Year Matt Mogul

Best New Venue Silent H

Best Upscale Venue MADEMOISELLE

Venue Of The Year 44


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